Past Projects

Since 2002, over 70 teams, composed of 250+ Cornell undergraduate and graduate students, have engaged with community, government, and business partners in 23 different countries across Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Participating students have represented 20+ degree programs housed in eight colleges at Cornell. This section presents profiles of the specific projects’ visions, backgrounds, and impacts the Cornell SMART teams have had.

Partner Testimonials

“It is rare that a small company like ours gets a multi-skilled team of highly talented individuals looking into it, dissecting it, and coming out with tailor-made recommendations that we can now use to re-engineer and re-innovate our business system.”
–  Gichanga Karanja, CEO of Freshco, Kenya

“The Cornell team has done for my company in 10 days what would otherwise take months and thousands of dollars to do through local service providers.”  
–  Rajinder Mand, Managing Director of Zanobia Seeds, Tanzania

[My engagement with SMART has] “taken my company to the next level…. Getting such services from local consultants would have cost me the shirt on my back.”  
–  Frank Taylor, Managing Director of Wild-Foods, Botswana

“We were so excited about the work the SMART team did with us we invited one of the members back to work with us for 3 months….We would love to have another SMART team work with us. The team not only developed several recipes for ice cream and cottage cheese that we’re already using, they also gave us great advice and instruction on improving our food safety practices.”  
–  Andy Brown, Owner of Brown’s Cheese, Kenya

Student Testimonials

“It was amazing. It’s the best thing I’ve done so far at Cornell and I learned more in those two weeks than I did the entire last semester.”  
–  2014 SMART student

“The course was fantastic! I learned more in this 10-day trip than I have ever learned in a full semester of in-class work.”       
–  Megan Gutleber, SMART student

“While in Mongu, we had to answer to real people, with real problems, and provide them with real answers. This was not just a classroom exercise or simulation, but it was real life.”   
–  Marion Smith, SMART student

“I was able to apply what I’ve learned from my AEM specialization in Food Industry Management to a real-world situation. It was a great way to think and see beyond the classroom.”  
–  Rachel Ullman, SMART student

“Perfect experience. I would include SMART in 100 things to do before graduation.” 
–  2014 SMART student

“The SMART program places you in the perfect position to contribute your expertise to a problem that will have an impact on the lives of others. In my opinion, the SMART program is an experiential, education model that all universities should look to.”  
–  2013 SMART student

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