AEM 4415 – Pre-Engagement with Social Enterprises in Emerging Markets

**Highly Recommended as Preparation for Cross-Cultural Engagement and Required for Accepted SMART Participants**

This course is designed to prepare students who will be participating in a service-learning experience or field research in emerging markets.  It is primarily a preparatory course for students who will engage in Student Multidisciplinary Applied Research Teams (SMART) projects over the winter intersession and the spring semester.  Students planning independent research or internships with social enterprises in cross-cultural environments can also benefit from this course.  The course includes topics such as: intercultural competence, case study methods, risk and security management abroad, Institutional Review Board (IRB) for human participants, and analytical frameworks applicable to social enterprises in emerging markets.

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AEM 4420 – Emerging Markets

**Highly Recommended for Students Interested in Emerging Markets — and Valuable for SMART Participants**

This course provides a framework for examining the effectiveness of marketing strategies in economies in transition and identifying the challenges and opportunities for agri business firms in low-income economies to access industrial markets. Students learn to appraise the risk of entering markets in low-income economies and assess the political, legal, cultural, and economic forces. The class analyzes and discusses case studies of local and international companies worldwide to gain a deep understanding of the nature of agri-businesses.

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AEM 4421 – Research and Strategy in Emerging Markets

**REQUIRED for All SMART Participants**

The course complements the Student Multidisciplinary Applied Research Team (SMART) Program administered by the EMP. The goal of the course is to offer students a unique learning and service team experience, working with entrepreneurs and civil society organizations in emerging markets and economically disadvantaged communities. Students learn about the challenges and opportunities of doing business and implementing development interventions in emerging markets. During the semester, students explore theories of economic and community development, analyze the projects on which they worked, write up case studies, and develop strategic recommendations for the enterprises or organizations they have partnered with.

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