Kenya: Azuri Health Ltd.

Overall Goal

The goal of this project is to explore, understand and document Azuri Health’s value chain with the aim of informing market opportunities for growth within Kenya and beyond.

Company/Business and Location

Azuri Health is a private limited company located in Thika, Kenya.

Company Profile

Azuri Health Ltd. (“Azuri”) is located in tropical Kenya where you find the finest produce. Azuri commercially distributes and markets nutritious, naturally dried products from its processing facilities. With a labor force of 10 employees and extensive networks (farmers/businesses), the company’s range of products include: a variety of flours (e.g. nutria-porridge flour, sweet potato flour) and dried fruit snacks (mangoes, pineapples, bananas, coconuts and pawpaw).

The products are marketed and sold locally but the company is increasingly launching into the export market. Azuri Health has become one of the largest suppliers of dried fruits in East Africa. With a focus on social entrepreneurships, Azuri partners with farmers to provide access to a profitable market while reducing post-harvest waste.

Proposed Team Tasks

In Kenya, the SMART team will have their focus in two key areas:
1. Documentation of Azuri’s value chain; and
2. Market Research Analysis—with a concentration on the domestic Kenya market while integrating the limited regional market linkages.

Skill Requirements

The skills and background that would be beneficial for this project include:
• Good understanding of business (e.g. market analysis, value chains, etc) and development frameworks;
• Research, analytical and writing skills (e.g. publishable case study); and
• Knowledge in fields such as food science, communication, marketing, economics, and agricultural sciences.

Suggested Timeline

Tentative dates are January 5-18, 2019

Team Leader

Dr. Ndunge Kiiti, Visiting Professor—Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management

Additional Information


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