Ethiopia: Komari

Company Profile:

Komari is a greenfield manufacturing company working to bring the first RTD to Ethiopia. Based on extensive market research, we are working to develop an alcoholic beverage product that is hip and innovative while still being distinctly Ethiopian. Our team is a fusion of international and Ethiopia reflecting the product we seek to create. This role is an opportunity for you to infuse our team with technical knowledge while learning about one of the fastest-growing markets in the world.

Website: N/A. Company profile available upon request.

Project Description and Goals:

As a greenfield operation, Komari will be doing extensive product testing going to market. Thus, the main focus of the SMART team will be in facilitating that process, which will include –

  • Identifying and managing local and international emulsion vendors
  • Supporting the formulation of the product
  • Developing innovative methodologies for product development
  • Overseeing market trail and reformulation
  • Document the case study of Komari to preserve its founding history and increase global brand recognition.
Skill Requirements:
  • Ability to work in a multi-cultural team
  • Ability to comprehend market feedback quickly
  • Depth of knowledge in product development processes
  • Ability to comprehend structures and cross-technical synergies
  • Personal characteristic: Energy, respect, curiosity and passion

This project would target students from areas of study in food and beverage sciences, hotel school, industrial engineering, applied economics and management

Suggested Timeline and Logistics:

To be determined. Tentative project days 9-20 January 2018.

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