China: Qimei Agriculture Science and Technology Company

Overall Goal

The purpose of this project is to write a case study that documents the various supply chain processes of a Chinese organic produce company and that explores potential corporate growth strategies, focusing in particular on the burgeoning domestic market in China.

Company/Business Location

Handan, Hebei Province, China

Company Profile

Established in 1999, Qimei Agriculture Science and Technology Company is one the largest organic farms in China, producing and processing a range of organic vegetables and livestock. Cultivating 2,300 acres of farmland across Hebei Province, Qimei also operates two free-range chicken farms and three high-tech processing facilities. Additionally, the company works with over 3,500 local producers to train them in organic management and production strategies.

Qimei currently exports around 85% of its products. In 1999, when Qimei began operations, average GDP per capita in China was less than 900 USD. In 2017, average GDP per capita in China was just under 9000 USD. Given increasing incomes and a growing middle class that is very concerning about food safety and food quality—pesticide overuse is a major problem in Chinese agriculture—there is increasing domestic demand for organic produce. Qimei intends to expand its presence in the domestic market.

Proposed Team Tasks

While in Handan, the SMART team will aim to:

  1. Understand and document Qimei’s various supply chains and distribution channels;
  2. Carry out market research analysis, centering around potential local and international markets; and
  3. Benchmark other businesses in selected locations within China and neighboring economies.

Desired Skills

The skills and background that would be beneficial (but not all necessary) for this project include:

  • Good understanding of business (e.g. market analysis, value chains, etc.) and development frameworks;
  • Research, analytical and writing skills (e.g. publishable case study); and
  • Knowledge in fields such as food science, economics/management, and policy.

Fieldwork Dates

Tentative dates: January 5-18, 2020.

Team Leader

Lin Fu | Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management |

Additional Information

Company Website:

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