Housed in the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, the Emerging Markets Program (EMP) brings together students and educators across the Cornell community to engage in scholarship and outreach on topics relevant to economic development in emerging economies. Founded in 2001 by Dyson School Professor Ralph D. Christy, the mission of the EMP is to be a leading international program in emerging markets research and education by bringing together practitioners and academics. Its focal activities are teaching, outreach, and research.


The Emerging Markets Program hosts three courses at Cornell University, as well as a number of public lectures, that help to connect students and the general public with prominent issues and ideas in the international development sector.


The EMP supports the development of emerging economies by simultaneously strengthening private strategies and public policies. The Program, in collaboration with students, faculty, and industry experts, has released a number of publications based on its research and outreach.


The Emerging Markets Program engages in several initiatives to help strengthen capacity and foster strong networks of knowledge and support internationally. Among these are the Making Markets Matter Agribusiness Training Program, the Agricultural Professional Fellowship Program, the Asian Executive Agribusiness Management Program, and the Training for Women in Agribusiness.

Student Multidisciplinary Applied Research Teams

The EMP conducts the Student Multidisciplinary Applied Research Team (SMART) program, a unique service learning initiative for students across the university. It is geared towards helping both, small businesses and students, and has impacted over 400 students and 80 organizations over the last decade.

Wharton Award

The EMP hosts the annual Wharton Award to honor the outstanding work of Dr. Clifton R. Wharton, Jr, in the areas of philanthropy, higher education, business and public policy. The award is conferred each year to a person who has distinguished himself or herself with “Outstanding Service, Leadership and Contribution to Economic Progress” in emerging markets. The award is conferred at an annual symposium hosted by the EMP at Cornell University.

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