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The project team will work with Kirirom Food Production Co., Ltd. to examine the challenges this dried mango company faces including market access, international competition for dried fruits, branding, and accessing raw materials for processing. The team will work with the company at their office in Phnom Penh and at their processing facility in Kirirom. The project team will conclude by writing a case study of the company.
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Two SMART Projects took place in Kenya in 2016 to Makamithi Enterprises Ltd, a farm input supply company, and Dryland Seeds Ltd,, a regional seed company, both located in Machakos, Kenya.
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The SMART team will be working with Lakeside Fish Farm, an aquaculture firm located in Bugesera, Rwanda. Throughout the course of the project the students will be conducting research to quantify the domestic market for fresh fish and eggs in order to strengthen Lakeside’s business strategy.
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This is the fourth year of the SMART South Africa Swayimane project. Every year we work with a team from the University of Kwazulu Natal to address smallholder farmers´ needs in the Zulu agricultural region of Swayimane. This year’s project focus is on water conservation methods in regards to climate changes. Recently, this region hasbeen facing increasingly severe drought and we are striving to improve the livelihoods and existing networks in the face of these challenges. The project includes collaborators from local government agencies as well as other nonprofit organizations.
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The SMART team will work with JSP Pharmaceutical Factory Co., Ltd.  JSP, in partnership with Naresuen University, has developed four innovative new products: two lotions, an herbal supplement, and a natural extract. The products are now in the testing phase, and the company requires assistance creating a marketing strategy for each, as well as identifying which product has the greatest potential in global markets
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The SMART team will work with the C.P. Intertrade Co., Ltd. on their well known rice brandRoyal Umbrella. C.P. Intertrade Co., Ltd is backed by C.P. Group, Asia’s largest agribusiness conglomerate. The team will have the chance to work with the company’s marketing teams and senior management in Bangkok and tour the company’s facilities outside the capital.
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The SMART Bangladesh team 2015 worked with The Essential Electronic Agriculture Library (TEEAL) in Bangladesh to see how the program could grow within the country and have an impact on the Bangladeshi education system. The team met with various in-coutnry stakeholders and produced a marketing report on how TEEAL could best expand within Bangladesh.
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The project team worked with the Jabon Kendal company. The team had the chance to work with the company’s management team in helping them expand their business, as well as tour the Jabon tree plantations and nurseries.
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The 2015 SMART Malaysia team worked with small organic farmers in the Cameron Highlands as well as large organic cooperatives and organic buyers in Malaysia. After reviewing the organic vegetable supply chain for the country, the team provided feedback to the community on how to meet the increasing demand for organic produce while staying mindful of the environmental impacts of farming in the Cameron Highlands.
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The SMART Botswana 2014 team worked with FoodNet Holdings (Pty) Ltd, a growing piggery farm in Bokaa, about 35km from the capital of Botswana, Gaborone. Since the company was founded, the farm has grown from 4 pigs bought on impulse at a local livestock auction to nearly 100 pigs in total. FoodNet primarily sells pork carcasses to retailers and wholesalers. Individuals are supplied with whole carcasses or portions on request. FoodNet Holdings also has hosted trainings for individuals interested in starting pig farms in partnership with the Botswana Ministry of Agriculture.
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The SMART 2013 Uganda team with Bee Natural Uganda Ltd. to develop a strategic case study examining their evolution and current situation as a regional producer of honey and bee products that is continuing to develop and expand. Bee Natural Uganda is an important sustainable business model with strong downstream impact on rural areas as well as a positive upstream impact when BNU’s products head towards retail outlets.
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