SMART Funding Opportunities

Compiled for SMART Applicants by Robert Swanda (Teaching Assistant, AEM 4415 and AEM 4421)


1.) Community-Engaged Student Travel Grant (Engaged Cornell)

Eligibility: undergraduate, graduate, and professional students
Maximum grant size: $1,500

“A break in the academic year is a great time for students to engage with communities and make a real difference — at home and around the world. Community-Engaged Student Travel Grants fund undergraduate, graduate and professional students who are spending winter, spring or summer breaks participating in community-based research activities or community-engagement projects both domestically and internationally.”


2.) Student Travel Grants (Office of Global Learning)

Eligibility: undergraduate and graduate students
Maximum grant size: N/A
Contact: N/A

“The Office of Global Learning provides sponsorship to undergraduate and graduate students to support international travel associated with the student’s course of study. The goal of the grant is to make international experiences financially accessible to all students across the University.”


3.) Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives Student Funding

Eligibility: active participants in one or more of OADI’s programs
Maximum grant size: N/A

“The Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives (OADI) is focused on inclusion and achievement across the Cornell campus so students of all backgrounds excel at their academic goals. OADI programs especially support low-income students, those who are the first in their families to achieve a college degree, under-represented students of color, and non-traditional students. The OADI Individual Student Funding Program provides funding for students in OADI programs and former prefreshmen the opportunity to engage in experiences that connect to and prepare them for academic and professional and career goals.”


4.) International Research Travel Grants (Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies)

Eligibility: graduate and professional students
Maximum grant size: $2,000
Contact: (607) 255-6370

“The Mario Einaudi Center sponsors the International Research Travel Grants. These grants provide travel support for Cornell University graduate students conducting shortterm research and/or field work in countries outside the United States. They also provide travel support for professional students engaged in various academic experiences in the international arena.”


5.) SEAP Engaged Travel Grant (Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies: Southeast Asia Program)

Eligibility: undergraduate students who have taken at least one semester of a Southeast Asian Language and/or a Southeast Asian Studies area course, and who are travelling to a Southeast Asian country
Maximum grant size: $1,000

“Students may apply to SEAP for up to $1,000 of for international study or research, as part of a class or independently. Only students who have taken at least one semester of a Southeast Asian Language and/or a Southeast Asian Studies area course (as listed on the SEAP website) are eligible to apply. Complete the online application, describing your plans, how the experience fits in with your academic goals and pathway, and explaining your sources of funding and anticipated expenses.”


6.) International Experience Grants (ILR International Programs)

Eligibility: ILR undergraduate and graduate students
Maximum grant size: $2,000

“ILR International Programs will award a limited number of small grants to ILR undergraduates and graduate students to support ILR-related educational activities abroad. These small grants are intended to supplement a student’s budget in areas of critical need and facilitate his or her presence abroad.”


7.) Grants Program (CALS Alumni Association)

Eligibility: CALS undergraduate and graduate students
Maximum grant size: $1,000
Contact: N/A

“The CALS Alumni Association Academic Enrichment Program fosters the educational goals of Cornell’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) undergraduate and graduate students by providing financial support for activities that complement and enhance each student’s academic experience at Cornell and for which funding is often not available.”


8.) CALS Funding Opportunities

Eligibility: varies
Maximum grant size: varies
Contact: N/A


*Inquire within your field, department, or school. Often there are travel funds set aside to assist students in academic travel.*

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