2018 Projects

SMART 2018 Projects:

  1. Colombia: FCC – Providing technical assistance to the Federación Campesina del Cauca (Cauca’s Farmer Federation – FCC).
  2. Ethiopia: Dirkosh Crunch – Marketing Dirkosh Crunch injera-inspired chips in new markets in the US.
  3. Ethiopia: Komari – Product development and marketing strategy for Komari’s new alcoholic beverage.
  4. Ghana: Solution Oasis –  Create a marketing strategy for Solution Oasis, a manufacturer of premium natural skincare products from African butters, oils, and herbs for the local and international markets.
  5. Kenya: ILRI– Identify and perform business case evaluations for a private agent of the Index Based Livestock Insurance scheme,  a project is led by a team of researchers within the International Livestock Research Institute.
  6. South Africa: Seven Sisters– Benchmark competitors, develop marketing strategy, and evaluate growth strategies for Seven Sisters, a wine company that wants to diversify into the agri-tourism, events and restaurant business.
  7. South Africa: Herbal View– Create a business plan and marketing strategy that is informed by solid markets analysis and benchmarking of competitors for value added products for Herbal View Hydroponics.
  8. Uganda: Mukumu Fresh Produce Limited– Create a business plan that addresses all aspects of the enterprise including value addition as well as community responsibility for Mukumu Fresh Produce Limited



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