2017: Dr. Randolph Barker

Dr. Randolph Barker is Professor Emeritus in the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management (formerly the Department of Agricultural Economics) at Cornell University.  He served as Director of the Southeast Asia Program (1989 to 1994) and was an International Professor in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (1978 to 1994), Cornell. Randy has spent approximately half of his career conducting research and teaching in Asia.  He served for thirteen years as head of the Economics/Social Science Division at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in Los Banos, Philippines (1966-78 and 2007-2008), and he was on the Board of Trustees of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture in Nigeria (1987-1993) serving as chairman the last two years.  He then spent nine years at the International Water Management Institute in Colombo, Sri Lanka (1995-2005). During that period, he was principal investigator on the project “How to Grow More Rice with Less Water” with Wuhan University. He also taught a short-course once a year (1999-2004) in Agricultural Development to sixty mid-career Vietnamese students in the Harvard-Fulbright Economics Teaching Program in Saigon.  Among his numerous publications, the most widely cited is “The Rice Economy of Asia” (Resources for the Future, 1985), co-authored with Robert Herdt. His most recent publication is “Water Productivity in Context: The Experience of Taiwan and the Philippines over the Past Half-century,” co-authored with Gilbert Levine. (International Water Management Institute Research Report 145, 2012) Randy began his academic career at Princeton, received his BS from Cornell University in 1953, MS from Oregon State University in 1957 and PhD from Iowa State University in 1960.

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