2014: Malden C. Nesheim

Malden C. Nesheim is Professor of Nutrition Emeritus and Provost Emeritus. He joined the Cornell faculty in 1959. In 1974 he was named Director of the Division of Nutritional Sciences, a post which he held until the summer of 1987, when he became Vice President for Planning and Budgeting. He was named Provost of Czornell University in September 1989, a position he held until 1995. Dr. Nesheim has served on numerous NIH, USDA and DHHS advisory committees and was the Chair of the 1990 US Dietary Guidelines Committee and was appointed by President Clinton to Chair a Commission on Dietary Supplements. He has served as President of the American Institute of Nutrition a group that awarded him the Conrad A. Elvehjem Award for public service. In 1995 he was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He was elected a fellow of the American Society of Nutritional Sciences in 1997. Dr. Nesheim earned a B.S. in agricultural science and an M.S. in animal nutrition from the University of Illinois followed by a Ph.D. in nutrition from Cornell. His research interests have been aspects of nutritional biochemistry.

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